In business, the fees associated with purchasing office supplies – paper, printer ink, pens, folders, etc. – are just a standard cost of doing business. Thanks to our benchmarking data, and numerous relationships with major office supplies retailers and distributors, we can help you secure consistently better prices on your office supplies purchases – and far outpace what you’d be able to achieve without the help of a professional procurement company.

With that said, we don’t sell ourselves just on our ability to procure savings, though that’s certainly a tremendous perk. Instead, we focus on a comprehensive service approach that reaches far beyond a ‘dollars and cents’ solution. As our clients often rave about the savings, they also praise us for our effectiveness and standards of service.

One client noted that “Most importantly, we were especially pleased with how little of my time or that of my staff was involved,” while another said “I especially appreciate how responsive you have been to our needs. Please let me know if you are ever in need of a reference.”

What do you have to lose? Nothing. Give us a call today at 1-877-687-6422.

Greenstreet Cost Containment is an outsourced procurement and expense reduction company based in Miami, and serves businesses in South Florida and numerous other regions across the country.

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