Sep 2014

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Statistically, we’re out of the recession, but the aftermath of the tumultuous experience has left many with a Recession Hangover; the feeling that while things may indeed be getting better, we’re still a little shell-shocked. Thankfully, ours is an industry that’s always been based on these tenets. Our number one priority is helping you gain access to the best pricing options for your business expenses while ensuring that you maintain

“From recent interviews with 70 supply management executives, we find that those that don’t utilize spend analytics have 55% on average of untapped spend, miss 10% to 15% in savings in categories that have never been examined, and miss at least 6% in savings per category currently managed.” *A1 Surprised by those statistics? Well, you might be, but that doesn’t mean you should be. The fact of the matter is

Here comes the obvious statement of the day – restaurants spend a lot of money on food and beverage costs. The less obvious statement of the day, though, is how to effectively reduce those costs. The good news? We’ll take care of it for you. Case in point. We recently worked with a well-known South Florida dining establishment that wanted to focus on improving food and beverage costs. In the

Admittedly or not, many businesses hit the month of November and scale down their efforts toward any large scale projects while waiting for the new year. And can you blame them? It’s tough tackling a major project knowing that your office will close for a few days at Thanksgiving, then again as Christmas and New Year’s approach. But what if we told you that cost procurement savings could be had

In business, the fees associated with purchasing office supplies – paper, printer ink, pens, folders, etc. – are just a standard cost of doing business. Thanks to our benchmarking data, and numerous relationships with major office supplies retailers and distributors, we can help you secure consistently better prices on your office supplies purchases – and far outpace what you’d be able to achieve without the help of a professional procurement company.

Waste management is one of the monthly bills that often represents an overlooked expense; just a cost of doing business. And you certainly can’t be blamed for that thought process, considering the immense shortage of options, and the fact that waste disposal isn’t necessarily ‘mission critical’ for most companies. But guess what? You just might be able to save a significant amount of money on this service! One of the

Would your business like to have an extra $50,000 a year? How about $100,000? It’s a no-brainer, of course, but then again, once you understand what we do at Greenstreet Cost Containment, working with us will be a no-brainer, too. We’re a cost-containment and outsourced procurement company and our job is simple. We source the best suppliers at the best possible price in order to help reduce your operating expenses.

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