Here comes the obvious statement of the day – restaurants spend a lot of money on food and beverage costs. The less obvious statement of the day, though, is how to effectively reduce those costs. The good news? We’ll take care of it for you.

Case in point. We recently worked with a well-known South Florida dining establishment that wanted to focus on improving food and beverage costs. In the ‘discovery’ phase, we worked closely with the establishment’s staff to understand their biggest challenges and goals for the project.

Then we went forward. We received multiple RFPs from numerous competing vendors in the area and we utilized our market knowledge and relationships, as well as bench-marking data, to prepare the best possible solution for our client.

The result? We saved them nearly 10 percent off of what they were paying for food and beverage. In this particular instance, that led to a cash flow increase of more than $100,000! The best part? We did it all in just 6 weeks, while also helping to improve the establishment’s customer service experience with their vendors.

So what can you count on when working with us on the management of your food and beverage cost procurement services?

  • Savings
  • Transparent and flexible offerings
  • Exposure to the most recognizable names in the industry
  • No contracts with the vendors

In addition, we provide those same cost procurement services for waste and recycling, office supplies, document management, payroll processing, and telecom, too.

Interested in having Greenstreet Cost Containment help you save money on your food and beverage services, or something else? Contact us 877.687.6422, or send us an email at We’d love to chat with you!

Greenstreet Cost Containment is an outsourced procurement and expense reduction company based in Miami, and serves businesses in South Florida and numerous other regions across the country.

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