Statistically, we’re out of the recession, but the aftermath of the tumultuous experience has left many with a Recession Hangover; the feeling that while things may indeed be getting better, we’re still a little shell-shocked.

Thankfully, ours is an industry that’s always been based on these tenets. Our number one priority is helping you gain access to the best pricing options for your business expenses while ensuring that you maintain the same level of service excellence that you’ve come to expect.

Cost procurement is not a one-time job, though it may seem that way from the outside. Indeed, we’re constantly auditing the industries where our relationships are rooted. Our goal? To monitor service trends, pricing trends and much more. And the result? There are several.

Our relationships are the foundation of our business, and because of our unique standing and interactional base with the companies that sell waste management services, document management services, office supplies and much more, we’re able to secure rates and negotiating leverage that might otherwise be unavailable to you.

And in the aftermath of a recession, isn’t that exactly the type of service you’re looking for? Savings from unavoidable costs of doing business become a great form of sustainable financial improvement for your business. In some instances, you may be able to make incremental changes around the office, and in others, you may save enough to finance an all new position(s) within your company.

What would you do with a new employee? How far could your business go?

Whether you’re a law firm, CPA, medical office, restaurant, hotel, insurance company, school or wholesaler looking to reduce costs, Greenstreet Cost Containment can help you. Don’t delay. Give us a call at 877.687.6422 to find out how much money we can save you!

Greenstreet Cost Containment is an outsourced procurement and expense reduction company based in Miami, and serves businesses in South Florida and numerous other regions across the country.


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